How To Get Rid Of Foxes – Outfoxing the Fox

Have you ever heard of a fox? They are sneaky creatures that wander in the night. These little buggers might be cute, but they can cause some pretty big problems depending on where you live or what your house is used for. See, these clever animals love to dig in the dirt and find food. That’s pretty normal for them, just like us being unable to resist a juicy cheeseburger.

The problem with digging in the dirt is that it’s kind of their trademark move. They dig holes and burrow all around your yard, leaving you with a minefield of hazards for yourself and your children playing outside. 

Well, there are a few simple solutions that may guide you on how to get rid of foxes.

Why You Should Get Rid Of Them

1. Damage to the Grounds 

These animals have very sensitive digging fingers. They love to dig and find things they can eat in the dirt of your yard. In other words, if there is food in your yard for them to eat, they will destroy it and force you to learn how to get rid of foxes in your yard.


2. Digging near the House 

Foxes love to live in houses, especially if their yards are nice. They love to make a fox den inside the home where people live. These animals tend to dig up towards the home’s foundation and create dangerous holes that may ruin the foundations of your villa during the rainy season. You need to protect your house by learning how to get rid of the horrible animals, or else you may even lose your insurance claims. Before you act, you should also consider how deep the fox dens are.

3. Digging in the Garden 

Garden lovers are always a fox deterrent because these animals will burrow around your garden and eat whatever they can find there. The problem is worse for gardeners, as it can ruin their vegetables and cause more work when they find holes everywhere. To save nature, it becomes crucial in that case to know how to get rid of foxes naturally.


Ways To Get Rid Of Them

1. Traps: Traps are a great way to get rid of foxes if you don’t mind killing foxes in the yard once they are caught. However, the biggest downside to this method is that these traps for foxes will usually make a giant hole in your yard, which will need to be filled and restored before you can walk on it again.

2. Repellents are the best option when it comes to keeping foxes away. Many repellents on the market today claim to be perfect for getting rid of foxes and other wild animals. However, some of these products may not work, and some harm the environment around you with chemicals and pesticides, making them unsafe for pets and children.

3. Cat/Dog Food: Foxes love cat food or dog food more than anything else in their diets, so placing a few cans of it around your garden, in the holes they already dug, and near the house is the best way to get rid of foxes, as it will encourage them to leave. This method is very cheap and easy because you can just collect any uneaten food when it’s finished and put down more for next time.

4. Loud Noises: Because these animals are small, they are frightened by loud noises. Noise can be considered fox removal to get rid of foxes. Playing loud music at night or blasting talk radio could scare them away from your property. You need not worry about how to scare a fox away; just place a speaker up against a window where you sleep and let nature’s sound system do its job.

5. Ammonia: Foxes have an acute sense of smell that can pick up on what we think are subtle scents, such as ammonia. Sprinkling a little around your garden and porch will make the foxes believe that a larger animal is around, so they’ll stay away from it, saving you the hassle of relocating foxes.

6. Fox Repellent Spray: Does this product work for repelling foxes? There are mixed reports of success with this option, as many people say it won’t stop them from coming around or only works for a short time. Because they will begin to associate the smell with something wrong, it will not be so dangerous that they will completely avoid visiting your yard.

7. Electronic Deterrent: When you are concerned about how to deter a fox from your yard quickly, an electronic deterrent will give off a high-pitched noise when near an animal. These products cost money, but some people have said they work if you don’t mind paying that price for peace of mind or just putting up with the noise.

8. Pepper Spray: You can use this as a deterrent for these animals by spraying it in your yard. However, this product may just keep foxes away and move somewhere else rather than getting rid of their problem, so it is only temporary at best.

9. Cat or Dog Urine – Are you serious about knowing how to scare away a fox? Placing cat or dog urine in areas where you have seen these animals will put them off coming back again, as they are afraid of this smell and associate it with danger. Just be careful not to use too much, or they may see it as an invitation to mark their territory.

10. Sprinkling Baking Soda: Baking soda is a natural fox removal. These wild animals typically leave at night, but if you sprinkle baking soda all over your garden, fox under shed, fox living under deck, porch, and house, this will make it difficult for them to get across without leaving a telltale scent.

11. Drying Out the Dirt: How to Get Rid of Foxes in the Yard ? The best thing you can do if foxes are digging up your garden is simply to dry out the dirt where they are digging by getting rid of all the moisture in the soil around the holes they have made. This may take some time, but placing thick plastic on top of these holes for several weeks will cause it to absorb too much sunlight, which will dry out the soil enough so that they don’t want to dig there anymore.

12. Changing the Soil: If you have good soil in your yard but foxes are digging up other areas, spread cayenne pepper or scuff sand over the garden so they will not want to dig there because it is uncomfortable. Now you don’t have to worry about how to get rid of foxes.

13. Ultrasonic Repellents: Wondering what repels foxes most effectively? Ultrasonic fox deterrent devices sound above the range of human hearing and are supposed to irritate wild animals and make them go away. However, these are not proven to work longer, so they may be a waste of money.

14. Mothballs: Looking for information on how to get rid of horrible places? Mothballs can also stop these animals from digging near your home or garden because they smell unpleasant. Place these down in the holes they are digging or scattered around your garden to make them think it’s not worth coming back.

Frequently Ask Questions

Does vinegar deter foxes?

When you are looking for ways to keep foxes out of your yard, Yes, vinegar, like most acids, can be a natural predator to most pests. Foxes don’t like the strong odor and will stay away from the area they smell it in. This is especially true if you place some on a rag and leave it at your front door or wherever they’ve been getting in.

What should you do if a fox follows you?

If you happen to be approached by a fox on your own and there aren’t any people around, make yourself appear bigger by raising your arms above your head, opening your jacket if you’re wearing one, and looking as big as possible. Make noise by shouting or banging something to scare it away. If there are people around, call out for them to return to you.

How to catch a fox that is eating my chickens?

Use a trap. Make sure to use a large tarp that is at least 18″x12″x6″. Place the trap near where you’ve seen the fox, and remove anything else from the area since the fox will be drawn to it. You’ll want to bait the trap with something smelly like sardines or cat food, and make sure you set it up in such a way that when it’s sprung, you can close and lock it up quickly.

How to take care of a fox?

You should never try to take care of a fox. If it is not injured and can leave on its own, do so and leave it in the wild. If it has been injured, you must contact your local animal control or wildlife rehab center for advice.

What attracts foxes to your yard?

There are a number of things that attract foxes to your yard. A good thing to try is outdoor predator urine that mimics the scent of their natural prey, which they would typically hunt in the wild. Foxes also love to dig and hide, so putting some chew toys with treats in your yard will encourage them to stop digging up your yard and stop by for a visit instead.

How to deter foxes from chickens?

If you’re trying to learn how to keep foxes away from chickens, here is how you can.
To deter foxes from chickens, start by making sure that the perimeter of the chicken coop is secure. You want to make sure that there are no holes or gaps around the outside that they can get in through. Next, sprinkle some vinegar on the ground at the perimeter of your chicken coop to get rid of foxes in your yard. Vinegar will act as a natural fox deterrent from getting close because they hate the strong odor. Powders of pepper and mint would also be fox deterrents for chickens since foxes don’t like the taste.


As you can see, there are all sorts of things you could do to foxes around your property. Some are tried and tested methods that work for most people, but others may be more suited to your needs, so feel free to try them out.

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