How to Safely & Efficiently Get a Bird Out of Your Garage?

Birds are beautiful in the sky, but not so much when trapped inside your garage. Whether it be a single sparrow or a flock of pigeons, a bird in your garage can cause quite a ruckus. You want to help the bird get out immediately while ensuring it doesn’t hurt itself. But how to get a bird out of your garage?

This blog post reviews some methods to help get that bird out of your garage safely and efficiently. Read on for more information.

Reasons Why A Bird Might End Up in the Garage

 Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

There are a few common reasons birds end up in your garage.

First, the bird may have flown down, chasing an insect buzzing inside. Or perhaps it got trapped while searching for food or nesting materials. Another possibility is that the bird lost its way and couldn’t find its way out. Finally, if there are holes or cracks in the garage, a bird might enter through them.

Whatever the reason, there are some steps you can take to safely get it out of your garage and back outside, where it belongs.

 Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

9 Methods To Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

Now that we know why birds end up in garages, let’s look at how to get birds out of garages.

Create a safe passage for the bird to fly out 

The first and often most successful way to help a bird out of your garage is to create a safe passage. Try to create an exit that the bird can recognize by opening the door or window. The use of light can also help the bird find its way out. Provide a clear line of sight from inside the garage to outside if possible. This will make it easier for the bird to fly out.

Use string lights or a lantern to lead the bird out if your garage is too dark. Hang the light source near the window or doorway and leave it on for a few hours. The bird should eventually find its way out, following the light beam.

Gently try to guide the bird outside using a broom 

Once you’ve created an exit, it’s time to try to guide the bird out gently. The best way to do this is with a broom or a long stick. Stand at the door or window with the broom and slowly wave it before the bird when it tries to fly away. This should scare the bird enough to make it fly out of the door or window and into freedom.

Use a net or sheet to capture and relocate the bird 

If the above method doesn’t work for a bird in garage, you may need to try a more direct approach. One way to do this is by using a net or large sheet to capture the bird. Use something that won’t hurt the bird, such as a pillowcase or beach towel. Once the bird is in the net, you can remove it from the garage and release it back into its natural habitat.

It’s important to be careful when using this method, as some birds may become scared or even injured if not handled properly. If you are unsure how to do it correctly, contact a wildlife expert for assistance.

Placing the feed outside the garage with an open door

Another method is to place food outside the garage with an open door. Birds are naturally drawn to food, so this should make them venture out of the garage and into freedom. You can leave out various small bird snacks, such as sunflower seeds or mealworms.

This should tempt the bird out of its hiding spot and back into the wild.

Open windows and create a draft for the bird to fly out 

If food doesn’t work, try opening up all the garage windows and creating a draft with a fan or air conditioner. Air movement should help guide the bird out of the garage and back into the wild. Be cautious when doing this, as you don’t want the bird stuck in a garage corner or trapped behind furniture.

Use string lights as a distraction 

If all else fails, you can use string lights as a distraction. Hang them up around the garage and turn them on to be visible from the outside. This should draw the bird’s attention away from its hiding spot and towards the lights, making guiding them out of the garage easier.

Play soothing music to calm the bird down 

It may also help to play soothing music inside your garage to calm the bird down. Select some calming and peaceful tunes to make the bird feel safe and relaxed. This should help it feel less afraid and more likely to fly out when you open the door or windows.

Try scaring it away by clapping or yelling 

If all else fails, you can try scaring it away by clapping your hands or yelling. This should make the bird fly away, but it’s not always a guarantee. Be careful when doing this, as some birds may become scared and cause injury if handled too roughly.

Cover holes or cracks in the garage

The nesting places in your garage, like holes or cracks, can be a great way for birds to find their way in. To prevent this, make sure all holes and cracks are covered properly. This will help keep the birds from entering your garage and provide additional security.

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Prevention for Bird Infiltration 

The best way to keep birds out of the garage is to take precautions beforehand. Here are a few steps you can take to help prevent birds from entering your garage in the first place:

Cover the exterior of the garage

The exterior of the garage should be covered with a strong mesh or screening. This will help keep out larger birds, such as pigeons and sparrows. Check for any holes or gaps in the covering once a year to ensure your garage is properly sealed.

Install chimney caps

Installing chimney caps on your roofline can also help keep birds from entering your garage. This cap will prevent birds from nesting in the chimney and can also help reduce noise levels.

Keep all food away

Birds are attracted to food, so keeping all food sources away from the garage is important. Don’t leave out any crumbs or scraps that could entice birds to enter.

Close doors and windows securely

Ensure all the doors and windows in your garage are closed tightly when not in use. This will help keep out any potential intruders, including birds.

Cut down tree branches

Tree branches close to the garage can act as a bridge for birds to enter. To prevent this, trim or cut down any branches that are close by.

Remove potential nesting materials

Birds may also be attracted to potential nesting materials like twigs, leaves, and feathers. Remove these items from your garage to reduce the chances of a bird entering.

By taking these steps, you can help get birds out of the garage and ensure the safety of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do birds fly into garages?

Birds may fly into garages for a variety of reasons. Some birds may be lured in by food sources, while others may search for shelter or nesting materials. Additionally, some birds may inadvertently fly into garages if disoriented due to poor visibility outside.

How do I catch a bird in my house?

To catch a bird in your house, the most important thing is to remain calm and move slowly. You can then use a net or large sheet to capture the bird gently. Alternatively, you can open windows and create a draft with a fan or air conditioner to help guide the bird out of the garage and into freedom.

What scares birds the most?

Various things can scare birds, including loud noises, sudden movements, and unfamiliar objects. They may also be frightened by humans or pets approaching them too quickly or aggressively.

How do you get a bird to trust you?

You can start by offering the bird food with your hand and speaking softly. This will help the bird understand that you are not a threat. If the bird allows it, gently stroke its feathers to establish a bond and build trust.

How do you calm a scared bird?

To calm a scared bird, you must create a sense of safety. This can be done by slowly moving away from the bird and offering food or water. Additionally, playing soft music or providing suitable nesting materials may help the bird feel more secure.


If you find a bird in your garage, several methods may help get the bird back outside safely. We have outlined the most effective methods above on how to get a bird out of your garage.

If you have a window or door that can be opened, try creating an escape route to let the bird out on its own. Or you can also try other methods discussed, such as using a net or making loud noises to scare it away.

Once the bird has been safely released from your garage, it is important to take steps to prevent birds from entering again. Taking preventative measures will ensure that you do not get another surprise visitor.

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