How To Paint Behind Toilet – From Tank to Wall

The bathroom and the toilet can be pretty frightening if you are not used to working with tools. Whether it is over your head or just another room in the house, there’s no denying that this room has always been neglected as far as toilet refinishing and maintenance go.

While everyone does their best to clean what they can reach, ignoring those areas requiring painting is quite common, even when tiles are involved. After all, who likes dirtying their hands up? Unfortunately, neglecting these areas leads to mildew growth, which eats away at the grout work, leading to the breakage of joints between tiles.

Despite being so easy to ignore, painting behind toilets forms an integral part of an aesthetically appealing bathroom space. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to paint behind the toilet.

Things you need before painting 

Plastic sheeting is just enough to cover the floor area beneath where you plan to move around while working. If your tiles are colored, blue plastic would be ideal since it is visible against most surfaces without creating any shade anomalies. You can also use a tarp or some old newspapers if you have them at hand, with no concern about color leakage.

Tack cloth: It keeps the particles of dust and other contaminants away from your workspace, so they do not interfere with your final product.

Rocks – These are placed over the tack cloth once laid out to hold the plastic in place while you work.

Paint tray: If you use a tray to do the job correctly, your paint will come out undiluted.

Things you need before painting 

How Do Yo Paint Behind Toilets?

Once everything is laid out, it is time to begin the task of painting behind the toilet.  We recommend practicing your stance and movements before getting started to prevent any chance of paint spillage or splashing once you have applied it to the tiles.

You can choose whether you want over-the-toilet storage, so its presence doesn’t interfere with how much space there is for movement when working. You can also place it on top of an existing cabinet above, so you don’t have paint all over that side of the wall once you are done with whatever area you had in mind.

Taping :

Before we get into how you paint behind a toilet, use toilet tape around the area to be painted on the wall above and below where your toilet paper holder is located. Also, put up some tape around the cover of your cabinet (if applicable) to prevent any paint from capping it or anywhere else that may catch undesired stains. If it’s tiled, then even more care should be taken when taping since you cannot undo them like wallpaper can.

paint behind a toilet, use toilet tape

Rubber gloves:

Rubber gloves are the best tool to paint behind a toilet as they reduce how many contaminants will get onto your hands, which can lead to paint discoloration or, worse, allergies after being exposed to too much of the product for too long at a time.

Remove excess water puddles if they are on the floor before you place down your plastic sheeting.

Bathroom painting techniques include covering that water heater or furnace with a tarp to avoid any chance of having paint stains affect their functionality in some way. Just make sure it is not painted yourself at some point since this would cause problems for obvious reasons. You can also use a newspaper if no suitable cover exists, in which case the newspaper should be old to prevent ink staining from occurring when in contact with wet paint, which leads to unlikely but possible smudging when dried.

Rubber gloves for painting

Fill up your paint tray after measuring out what you need according to the instructions given by its manufacturer, although most are designed for one-time use; therefore, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Once the paint is applied to the wall and dried in hand painted toilets, it is safe to put something on top of it, like a magazine rack. However, it should not be bumped into by mistake because doing so may lead to damages.

How to paint the inside of a toilet bowl?

Painting inside the toilet bowl can be started by mixing a small amount of acrylic paint with a small amount of water. Then take a sponge and gently scrub the inside of the bowl until it’s clean.

Next, dip your paintbrush (or sponge) into the paint mixture and wipe off any excess on a clean towel. Use sideways strokes to cover the inside of the bowl with paint. Wait for the first coat to dry before brushing on another one.

How to deal with mold behind the toilet tank?

When dealing with mold behind the toilet tank, you should first remove any debris. Then apply a bleach solution to kill off the mold. The bleach solution can be made using one part bleach and nine parts water.

After applying the solution, let it sit for an hour before rinsing the area clean with clear water. You may need to apply and rinse the solution a few times until the mold is gone.

Can you paint a toilet in a perfect manner?

Yes, provided that you use the right techniques to paint behind the toilet. Make sure that the surface is clean and completely dry before painting it. Then, apply primer before using your choice of paint color to avoid unsightly smudges after finishing. Using the right painting techniques for bathrooms can ensure your privacy while saving time and money.

How do I fix the gap between the toilet and wall?

There is a gap between your toilet and the wall.

To fix this, take a brick and put it in the gap horizontally to create a bridge. Then take another smaller brick and turn it perpendicularly so that it rests on top of the brick in the gap and against the wall. Pack soil all under where you’ve put the bricks.

How to repaint a bathroom?

To repaint a bathroom, start by washing the walls and ceiling with soap and water. Then use an electric sander to rough up the surface of the wall so that it will hold paint better. On your bucket, lay a drop cloth to protect your floor from paint splatters.

Then, using a roller, apply primer in long strokes across the entire surface of the wall. Wait for the primer to dry before you apply paint. Paint the wall and ceiling in sections, and don’t forget to paint any door or window frames.


Painting behind the toilet is not for everyone, but it’s essential to know how to paint the toilet if you encounter this need. Keep in mind the factors we’ve mentioned above and get working on your project so you can get further comments during time constraints with your spouse or significant other. Good luck

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