How to Remove Paint from Tiles ? – Guide to Restoring Painted Tile Beauty

Messing up your home decor can be a real pain. You may decide to change the way you paint or make other changes, and scuffs and smudges on your tiles might be the last thing on your mind. But sometimes we forget about them, and it’s not until we look closely that we see all the marks we’ve made. Periodically, you can remove the paint from tiles yourself without too much trouble, but it is a little time-consuming. And you might need to be careful when using powerful chemicals. Here are some tips to remove the paint from tiles:

Remove Paint from Tiles

Generally, if you’ve used water-based paint on your tiles, it should be easy to remove paint from the tile floor with just some warm, soapy water. But if you’ve tried something like gloss or enamel, this will take a little more work getting paint off the tile. The simplest way to get paint off tiles is to use a razor blade or wallpaper scraper. You can also use sandpaper to remove latex paint from tiles, but this isn’t ideal because it might damage the tiles themselves.

If you’re using sandpaper, place some on an even flat surface, and then put the tile face down on top of it. Push firmly but gently to remove paint from ceramic tiles so you don’t risk scratching the tile.

If you’re using a scraper to clean paint off a tile, make sure it’s an old one and has been cleaned thoroughly. This will help prevent scratching the tiles as well.

If you want to apply some elbow grease yourself without any chemicals for removing paint from tile floors, try using a nailbrush or dish scrubber. Scrub gently but firmly at the marks, and remember to take your time; you don’t want to damage your tiles.

There are also various commercial products and kits that you can buy cheaply at home and garden shops for removing paint from grout. These often come with some sort of plastic or metal scraper, so they’re worth looking into if you want to remove paint from grout.

Using Chemical Remove Paint Strippers

If you’ve tried everything to remove paint from floor tiles and it still isn’t coming off, then you may need to resort to a chemical paint remover.

How to Remove Paint from Tiles ? - Guide to Restoring Painted Tile Beauty

These are strong chemicals to remove paint from tiles tips that should only be applied by professionals or with specific instructions from the manufacturer, as they can be dangerous if misused.

If you’re using a paint stripper for cleaning paint off tiles, make sure your tiles are well-ventilated. Always wear gloves and goggles, and avoid breathing in the fumes of the stripper.

If you’re using a chemical paint remover for removing paint from bathroom or toilet tile, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the letter. It may be easier to get someone else to apply it for you. Make sure they are protected, too. Use disposable brushes dipped in paint stripper rather than trying to apply it yourself, and protect your eyes with goggles.

Once you’ve used a chemical paint remover on your tiles, take care when washing them in the future. Try to wear rubber gloves and old clothes, so you don’t end up ruining to remove paint from floor tile.

Removing Excess Paint From Tiles

If you’re having problems removing paint from tiles, it may help if you wet them down first. This will reduce the amount of work that’s required to get rid of stubborn marks or imperfections. You can then spray the area with a bit of water to rinse off any remaining paint.

If there are still traces of stripper/paint left on your tile surface after removing paint from ceramic tiles, make sure they are adequately treated. Protect them from moisture and don’t use anything abrasive on them. Otherwise, they’ll get damaged.


And there you have it. A few essential tips to help remove paint from tiles, plus some ideas for more stubborn smudges. Remember that if your problem is terrible, you may need to get professional help or contact the tiles manufacturer before doing anything else. But hopefully, these suggestions will provide a starting point and give you a good chance of success. Good luck.

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