Best Humidifier For Plants: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you have indoor plants, then the chances are that they’re looking pretty sad right now. This is because of the dry air inside most homes during the winter months. Dry air not only makes your skin feel itchy and irritated, but it can even kill off some of your favorite indoor plants.

People love to have plants in their homes, but they hate the hassle of keeping them alive. You know how it goes—you buy a beautiful new plant and put it on your desk or kitchen table. It looks great for a couple of weeks, but then it starts looking wilted and sad. Before you know it, your once-beautiful plant is dead, and so are your hopes of a better outcome.

Simply get a humidifier for plants if you are suffering from this phenomenon. But the question is, what does a humidifier do for plants? A plant humidifier helps keep indoor air moist, which helps plants thrive. If you’re ready to stop brush-killing all your houseplants (and start growing some amazing-looking greenery), check out our selection of indoor humidifiers.

All of our humidifier recommendations come with an automatic shut-off feature, so you never have to worry about leaving them on accidentally or forgetting about them altogether. You can choose among the unique humidifiers based on what type of plant you’re looking for.

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Top Five Best Humidifiers for Plants 

Hupro Humidifier for Plant Best Values

Brand: Hupro
Capacity: 5.8 Liters
Floor Area: 500 Square Feet
Operation Mode: ultrasonic, evaporative
Power Source: Corded Electric

GENIANI Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifiers

Special Feature: Manual
Color: Black
Capacity: 250 Milliliters
Floor Area: 65 Square Feet

LEVOIT Humidifiers Mist Ultrasonic for Plants Best Values

Special Feature: 4L Cool Mist Aromatherapy: Experience fragrant, soothing moisture.
Color: Blue
Capacity: 4 Liters
Floor Area: 376 Square Feet

Elechomes SH8830 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

Brand: Elechomes
Special Feature: Auto Mode
Color: White
Capacity: 1.7 Gallons
Floor Area: 861 Square Feet

QDH Cool Mist Humidifier

Brand: QDH
Color: Grey
Capacity: 3.5 Liters
Floor Area: 380 Square Feet
Operation Mode: Ultrasonic
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Hupro Humidifier for Plant

Humidifier for Bedroom 5.8L


Dimensions14.06 x 12.8 x 9.69 inches
Weight6.07 pounds

The Hupro humidifier is the best humidifier for plants. It is an innovative and effective device that can be used to increase the humidity in your home, office, or place of business. It has a humidistat of 30% to 85%, so you can choose how much moisture you need. It uses ultrasonic technology to create a fine fog that’s easy on your throat and lungs. The device has three levels of humidification, which are small, medium, and high.

Hupro Humidifier for Plant is a 6L water tank top filling design. It features an easy-to-remove reservoir, which makes it convenient to clean and refill. The wide opening of the small humidifier allows you to add water or other liquids into the reservoir easily. It comes with an automatic shut-off system, quickly turning off when there is no more water in the container.

This humidifier has many features that make it stand out from others on the market. The Hupro is a humidifier good for plants with a touch screen, LED screen, and remote control, so you can easily adjust settings at any time. It also comes with a 360-degree rotatable nozzle, so you can direct mist away from objects in your room for more effective humidification.

  • Extend the life of your plants.
  • Get rid of dry skin and itchy eyes.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Humidify your room with a touch of a button with the best digital humidifier.
  • There’s something off about its scent.
  • It takes a little training to handle.

GENIANI Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifiers

GENIANI Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifiers 250ML: USB Desktop Humidifier for Plants, Office, Car, Baby Room with Auto Shut Off and Night Light Quiet Mini Humidifier (Black)


Dimensions6 x 3.43 x 3.43 inches
Weight8.8 ounces

GENIANI Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifiers are mini humidifiers for plants that relieve dry air and nasal congestion. This top cool mist humidifier can be used for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or office space. It is also the perfect size for travel, making it one of the best mini humidifiers. It uses ultrasonic technology to produce cool mist, making it safe for children and pets.

The Geniani plant humidifiers have two mist modes: continuous and intermittent. You have the option of using either mode based on your preferences. The humidifier features a unique one-button control that allows you to adjust settings with ease. It also has an auto-shut-off feature that turns off the unit when it’s not in use.

The GENIANI portable humidifiers for plants feature an adjustable 360-degree nozzle, which directs the mist where it is needed the most. This is the best cool mist humidifier for adding moisture to the air around your plants. This small plant humidifier has an easy-to-fill water tank and comes with a one-year warranty.

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  • This house plant humidifier provides a soothing mist for your room.
  • Quiet operation so you can sleep soundly.
  • The humidifier for indoor plants relieves dry air and nasal congestion.
  • Your plants will thrive and grow faster than ever before.
  • This humidifier is a bit weak in power

LEVOIT Humidifiers Mist Ultrasonic for Plants

LEVOIT 4L Humidifiers for Bedroom Large Room and Essential Oil Diffuser, Ultrasonic Quiet Cool Mist for Baby, Plants, Last up to 40 hours, Dual 360° Rotation Nozzles, Handle Design, Auto Shut Off, Blue


Dimensions8 x 6 x 14 inches
Weight4.79 pounds

The LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifier is the best gift you can give your plants this season. This ultrasonic humidifier uses cool-mist technology that emits a light fog of micro-fine water droplets, creating the perfect environment for healthy plant growth and development while reducing airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, and pet dander.

It aerates the air and moisturizes the soil while emitting a soft mist that keeps your plants healthy and happy. It is the best cool-moisture humidifier available, with a large opening at the top that makes cleaning and refilling easy. The detachable silencer allows you to adjust the sound level of the unit from a whisper up to an audible hum, depending on your preferences.

If you are concerned about where to place a humidifier for plants, you can keep it anywhere in your room and let the leaves of your plants live vivaciously.

  • The best-quality humidifier keeps plants healthy and happy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It soothes your dry skin and chapped lips.
  • Adjustable sound levels.
  • It consumes more water, comparatively.

Elechomes SH8830 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

Elechomes SH8830 Humidifier, 6.5L (1.72Gal) Top Fill Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom with Remote Control, 700 ml/h Max, Auto & Sleep Mode, 360° Nozzle, Auto Shut-Off, White


Dimensions10.2 x 8.4 x 13.3 inches
Weight6 pounds

How often have you asked yourself, Do I need a humidifier for my plants? Yes, your budget will allow you to purchase the Elechomes SH8830 humidifier, a perfect way to keep your plants healthy, happy, and green. It features a large 6.5-liter tank capacity, which provides up to 72 hours of continuous use for your indoor plants.

The Elechomes SH8830 is a good-quality humidifier with warm and cool mist that provides the ideal environment for plants.  It also comes with an automatic shut-off feature to protect your home from flooding. It is the best and cheapest humidifier with 6-level adjustable humidity, a 360° rotatable nozzle, and the ability to be used as an aromatherapy diffuser.

This humidifier has an adjustable mist output that can be adjusted from low to high depending on the humidity level in your home or office. The warm mist setting will provide you with soothing moisture, while the cool mist setting will help reduce the temperature in your room.

You will find that ultrasonic moisture production produces micro-fine mists that can quickly be absorbed into the air, which answers your most pressing question: what’s the best humidifier? The humidity level can reach up to 99%, making it easy to breathe and keeping you from getting colds. Besides, it has a built-in LED light, which provides a soft glow at night. The whisper-quiet operation allows you to use it at night without disturbing others and deems it the best humidifier.

  • Save energy by using less water
  • Keep your plants and home healthy.
  • It helps you breathe easier.
  • It keeps you from catching colds.
  • Provides a soft glow at night for a relaxing sleep.
  • Perfect only for professionals

QDH Cool Mist Humidifier

Humidifiers for Bedroom Large Room, QDH 3.5L Cool Mist Humidifier, 26dB Quiet Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers for Plant, Baby, Nursery, Office, and Indoor Plants—Lasts Up To 36 Hours


Dimensions8.3 x 7.5 x 12.6 inches
Weight2.61 pounds

When you are counting the benefits of a humidifier for plants, the QDH Cool Mist humidifier is a good choice for plants’ health and for yourself. It is the best humidifier for large spaces up to 380 sq. ft. with its 3.5-liter water tank capacity that can last up to 36 hours on average, depending on the settings used by the user.

The QDH is a compact, easy-to-use, and portable humidifier for plants that provides your home with the moisture it needs for healthier breathing and easier breathing. The unit is equipped with an adjustable mist output, allowing you to set the humidity level according to your preference and making it the best indoor humidifier. It also features a 360-degree rotating nozzle that helps distribute the mist evenly throughout your room or space.

This top air humidifier features an adjustable control with three different settings: low, high, and mist only.   It is the best small cool mist humidifier that features an automatic shut-off when it runs out of water and produces cool mist at varying levels of humidity, so you can select the right amount for you.

  • Keep your house comfortable.
  • Breathe easier with less snoring with the best plant humidifier in 2021.
  • Perfect for your plant’s health
  • You can adjust the settings.
  • Not a well-finished humidifier

What is a Humidifier?

When searching for the best humidifiers for plants or what the best humidifiers are to buy, it’s essential to learn what a humidifier is.  A humidifier is a device that increases the humidity in a particular area. Humans and animals exhale approximately 87–100 liters of water every day, so it makes sense why it’s essential to have a balanced amount of humidity around them. This is especially true for plants, as they require different amounts of water depending on the species, season, and temperature.

Next, you might ask, What plants need a humidifier? Some plants require a lot of moisture around them, while others only need enough to prevent their soil from drying out. The best-quality humidifier can increase the humidity in a room or home and help your plants thrive. It’s essential to consider the humidity level before buying one, so you can get a suitable device for your needs.

Humidity level Required

At a 30–50% humidity level, plants grow well and don’t experience any ill effects from low or high humidity. This is considered to be the optimal humidity for plants that need water.

At a 50–70% humidity level, plants produce more flowers, have healthier leaves, and are less susceptible to common plant diseases like mildew and rot. However, keeping a higher humidity level is more challenging as it requires regular misting or humidification using an affordable humidifier.

At a humidity level of 70–100%, plants have the best chance of growing into healthy specimens. There’s no need to worry about pests or diseases with optimal humidity, but this also requires regular moisture in the air.

Types Of Humidifiers 

Are humidifiers good for plants? The answer depends on the type of humidifier. There are two types of humidifiers—warm mist and cool mist humidifiers for plants. A warm mist humidifier for plants has small heating elements that warm the water before releasing it into the air, while a cool mist doesn’t use heat. Cool mist humidifiers are considered healthier for humans and pets as they don’t get as hot as warm mist humidifiers. Warm mist humidifiers are better at increasing humidity levels quickly, as they don’t allow water to evaporate before being dispersed into the room.

The best plant humidifier is a cool-mist one, as it doesn’t burn your leaves or flowers with hot steam. You can also opt for a warm mist humidifier and set it to the lowest setting, but make sure to keep an eye on your plants if you use one.

Some cool mist humidifiers for plants automatically shut off when they run out of water, a great safety feature that prevents fires and other accidents. Warm mist humidifiers don’t have this feature and need to be monitored closely by their users.

Though warm mist humidifiers work best at increasing humidity levels quickly, they take more time to do so than cool mist ones. If your plant requires high humidity, consider buying a warm mist humidifier and a separate device to increase humidity levels quickly in case of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best humidifier for plants?

Choosing a warm or cool mist humidifier for plants is not rocket science if you have proper knowledge of the characteristics of both. The best humidifier for plants is a cool mist that automatically shuts off when it runs out of water. It’s most important to choose a humidifier with adjustable control and different settings so you can select how much humidity you need in some instances. For example, your plant may need more or less humidity when it’s growing or wilting, respectively.

How often should I add water to my humidifier?

This depends on how big your area is and what type of humidifier you use. Warm mists require more frequent refills compared to cool mists, as they don’t allow water droplets to evaporate before being released into the air. Before adding any water to your humidifier, you can purchase a refillable water tank and check the manual for its recommended maximum and minimum levels.

How do I clean my humidifier?

Cool mist humidifiers are considered the best low-maintenance humidifiers as compared to warm mist ones, as they don’t use heat or produce steam. Warm mist may clog up as minerals from the water accumulate on the heating element and other parts of the device over time. Check your user manual before attempting to clean your humidifier, or contact customer service if needed.


We hope that this article on the best room humidifier for plants has provided you with the information you were looking for.

Plants can’t grow without water, just like anything else in nature. This is why it’s essential to keep your plant’s environment humid so it receives enough moisture from the air. But there are some issues regarding holding humidity levels steady, including fluctuations in room temperature and dryness caused by indoor heating systems.

A humidity machine for plants earlier quoted as a humidifier is specifically designed to increase humidity in rooms that don’t get enough moisture in the air using cool or warm mist technology.

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