How to Stop a Door from Slamming – Closing with Care

One of the biggest annoyances in a house is a door that slams every time you close it. This isn’t just noisy, but it leaves people slamming doors to get attention and can force you to yell so you can be heard over the noise. It’s possible to prevent door slamming without too much effort or money.

Inspect the Reason for Slamming

Inspect the reason for slamming; there are three possible reasons. First, the hinges might need to be adjusted. This is because the door can’t stand in a balanced way, and it’s not equal to the floor level. Then the door will close faster than usual, making the door slam.

Things might need to be adjusted

The second reason is the knob set on the outer part of the frame; this makes the door easy to generate the slamming effect. When you close the door, your hand hits the knob and makes it slam.

The lack of a threshold, the strip under the bottom of the door, prevents air leakage and water intrusion. If there’s no threshold, then when you close it fast, it will make extra noise. Now read below to learn how to keep a door from slamming.

Stop Door from Slamming Effect

Here are some ways to stop the door from slamming shut behind you when you close it.

Install a Door Stop

The first solution is to install a doorstop. Several door slam stoppers, such as rubber wedges and metal ones, are the most helpful type to prevent door slams. It’s cheap and available at any home center. You can also use it many times if it’s not broken. You can use an adjustable threshold that stops doors from slamming as well. This is a good solution if you have a threshold on both sides of the door.

door not equal to the floor level

Fit a Spring or Other Rebound Device

The following solution is to fit a spring or rebound device as an anti-door slam, which will slow down the door when it closes and stop doors from slamming. A simple solution would be a rubber tube cut from the inner tube of a bicycle tire. Drill a hole in the door near the top hinge, slide the closed end onto the hinge pin, then twist to expand it so that it grips both sides of the door frame when fully open. Attach it to the pin and test to prevent door slam noise. If the tube is too strong, attach a string and pull it down to release some tension when you open the door wide. It will also stop doors from slamming in the wind.

Use a Bump Stop

The following solution is to use a bump stop to keep doors from slamming. Like a doorstop, this device has many types, such as rubber or metal, which is more expensive than before. The purpose of this device is to prevent doors from slamming, and you can install it on top of the existing hinge or on the floor under the bottom hinge.

Install a Magnetic Door Latch

Another solution is to install a magnetic door latch to keep doors from slamming. It’s the cheapest way to stop slamming doors. You just have to put it on top of your existing hinge; then, the door will get stuck when you close it. If you open the door, just push down and release this magnetic latch. This latch also has several types, such as surface-mount doorstops and adjustable hinge pins.

Install a Spring Door Catches

You can also install a spring door catch as a quiet door closer. It’s usually used as an emergency device to prevent slamming doors or opening too far, but you can use it as a way to stop the door from slamming too. The installation process is straightforward; you just need to screw this spring onto your existing hinge pin and attach it to the side of the door to quite close french doors. This device will make sure to stop door-slamming noise, and it won’t close by itself when someone walks in front of it.

Readjust the Hinge

Another door slam preventer is to readjust the hinge. If you want to do it yourself, you should know how to adjust a door’s hinges without damaging them. The first thing you need to do is find the screws on top of the upper hinge and loosen those screws about a quarter turn each, then check regularly over a few days. If the door still slams, you should reduce the screws further until you can stop the door from slamming shut.

Adjust the Bolts

The final solution is to adjust the bolts. You can do it yourself without hiring a professional, but you need to know how to do so and not damage the door frame. The first thing you need to find out is where your hinges are attached on top and bottom of the frame; usually, the above hinge has a screw and the below hinge has a nut attached to it. You should adjust the screw or nut that is “above” your door to be perpendicular to the floor and tighten it down. You should change the “below” hinge, make sure it’s parallel with the floor, and tighten it down.

Adjust the door Bolts


So, you can see that there are many ways to stop a door from slamming. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages; you just need to choose the best one according to your situation.

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