How To Hang Rope Lights On A Wall Without Nails

Rope lights are perfect for indoor decorating projects, especially around the holidays! They’re available in dozens of colors and are shaped into different holiday shapes or twisted into original designs. Rope light is often sold in long strands that are connected to form one large strand. While rope lights are great for adding some color and flair to your space, they can be very difficult to attach securely if hung using nails or screws.

There’s an easy way to know how to hang rope lights without nails or screws.

There are only a couple of materials needed for hanging rope lights without screws with no use of nails or screws. You’ll need an extension cord and some Command brand small adhesive hook and loop strips. Command strips are available in several styles depending on the weight you need to hang. These small adhesive strips are great for hanging decorating items without making holes in walls or surfaces. They can be easily removed, but they will hold strong enough to allow your lights to stay up all season long safely!

To get started with this project, plug your rope lights into the extension cord and then plug the extension cord into the wall outlet. You can now unroll your lights to create a design or plugin additional sets of lights together using another strip of Command brand adhesive strips.  

To hang your rope, judge where you’d like it to be placed along the wall, and then use an adhesive strip to hold the plug of the lights in place against the wall. If possible, simply hang your rope light on a single strip, rather than having to split the strand and hang it over two adhesive strips. This will make replacement easier if you ever need to take down your lights. If splitting strands is necessary (for example, you plan to add more strands to the strand before you’re done decorating), be sure to hang each strand using at least two Command brand adhesive strips.

Once your light strands are securely in place, use a strip of Command brand adhesive strips to hold the opposite end of the rope lights onto one side of an extension cord. Plug the opposite end of the extension cord into another wall outlet, and your lights will now be connected and ready to use.

If you’re using decorating hooks with your rope lights, it’s best to attach them before hanging your light strand. Simply set the hook into place along the wall where you’d like the rope light to hang and use a strip of Command brand adhesive strips to hold the hook firmly in place. Once your hook is secured, simply hang the rope light on the hook and enjoy!

To remove the adhesive strips from most surfaces, simply peel them away slowly. On some walls, you may need to scrape the adhesive off with a plastic putty knife. If the adhesive remains on surfaces for longer than eight hours, it’s recommended that you use mineral spirits, adhesive remover, or Goof Off to remove it. If you’re trying to hang your lights along a wall that has wallpaper, there’s no need to be concerned about the Command brand adhesive damaging the paper. This special type of adhesive won’t leave any sticky residue or damage surfaces when removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang rope lights outdoor?

Rope lights are a great way to decorate outdoor spaces. Although you can use adhesive strips to hang these lights indoors, it’s best to use nails or screws if you’re hanging them outside. The Command brand adhesive may not hold as strongly against rain and other harsh weather conditions. So bove discussed is the best way to hang rope lights outdoor.

How to hang led lights without damaging walls?

Rope lights are led lights that can be strung up with ease, even without nails or screws. Simply use adhesive strips to hold your rope lights in place until you’re ready to take them down.

How to hang rope lights without clips?

Ropes lights can be hung without clips by looping twine or similar material at even intervals and then wrapping each end around a hook that’s been attached using adhesive strips. This will allow you to hang your rope light strands with no trouble.

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