How To Soundproof French Doors – Charm Without the Clamor

If you live in a house or apartment with French doors, then insulating them with sound-dampening materials is an important aspect of French door soundproofing around your home. The following article will show you how to insulate French doors so that you can have more privacy and peace of mind! A quiet interior door protects against noise from the other side.

soundproof french doors

5 Easy Steps for Soundproof French Doors

Step 1: Insulate your French doors with sound-dampening material. You will need the following tools and materials:

Materials list: sound dampening insulation (soundproofing foam); one roll should be enough for two French doors.

Tools list: Stud finder to locate where your studs are in the wall. You won’t be able to attach the back of the door to the studs without first locating them.

Step 2 : Attach the back of your French doors to the wall, behind the French door.

Once you have located the studs with your stud finder, mark them with a pencil. You can then use a drill to make pilot holes to screw in some screws manually. This will provide a sturdy way to attach the French doors to the wall and prevent them from falling.

Step 3: An inexpensive door stop can keep your French door from hitting a wall when it is opened or closed.

Add a door sweep to each side of the bottom of your French doors.

This will help add an extra seal against sound by collecting any sound waves on your French doors‘ inside edge, preventing the sound from transferring to the bottom of your door.

Step 4 : Add a doorstop on each side of your French doors.

This is another way to prevent sound transfer through the air via vibrations between your French door and its neighboring wall. Anything you can do to prevent sound from going through the bottom and sides of the door will help. Also, try hanging a rug along the side of your French doors that is touching another wall.

Step 5: Install an air gap or plug it into your French door.

This is a space between your French door and its track or casing. All you need to do is put in a rolled-up towel, rubber ball, etc.—anything that will prevent your French doors from slamming against the wall when they are open. If it can create an air gap or plug into your French door, then that’s perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install french door curtains?

You will first need to measure the width of your French door. Add another 4 inches to that number, and cut your curtain panel down to this size. Then, make a pocket 1-2 inches bigger than the width of your French door out of the bottom hem of the curtain panel. Lastly, zip up each side veil to form a full curtain and attach it to your wall with command hooks behind the French doors.

How to soundproof double doors?

If you have double doors, then the process is going to be a bit more involved. You’re going to want to go through each step listed above for each door. This will not only protect sound coming from inside your home through both doors, but it will also help block outside noise that may travel into your home office french doors via one or both of the doorways. 

Can you buy a soundproof door Amazon?

No, you cannot buy a soundproof door on Amazon. You can, however, purchase a soundproof door cover on Amazon.

How to soundproof French glass doors?

You will be able to soundproof interior French doors by following the step-by-step instructions listed above.


You can now use your French door for its intended purpose and not have to worry about the noise from other rooms traveling through it. The air vent sound maze will create an air gap between the french doors and the air conditioning vents attached to your wall, giving you a chance to escape without dealing with too much noise.
You can also purchase a door sound blanket, which will do much of the heavy lifting for you. Lastly, make sure to attach your French doors using air conditioning vents. Air vents sound maze air gaps, and door stops will also help protect against any noise transfer from above and below the French doors.

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